January 31, 2006
The Wednesday, January 31, 2007, general meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Home Owner’s Association was held at the Pine Brook community center. The meeting was called to order by President Tim Triggs at 7:10 pm.

Approximately 15 residents were in attendance. (cold and snow)


April HOA meeting, April 25, 6:00 pm potluck, 7:00 business meeting, followed by program TBD, location to be at Pine Brook community center. 


Fire District – Chief, John Benson

Forms are available to indicate any medical problems and medications that emergency responders need to be aware of.  Legally this information cannot be put into a database.  These forms should be posted in a conspicuous location such as on the refrigerator.   The locations of these postings might be put into a database in the future. 

Reservoir – District Manager, Bob de Haas

The reservoir is filling at a good rate. It is currently filled to about 50 acre feet, 50% of full capacity.  All homes are now served by reservoir water that is treated in our plant.  The expectation, based on the latest projections is that the reservoir will be full in the mid April to end of June time frame.  

3rd Arm – Co-Chair, Gail Loveman

The 3rd Arm focuses on supporting services that will free up firefighters during incidents.  Services include traffic evacuation, animal rescue, special needs residents, and individual property information. Volunteers of all types are needed.  Go to the BMFPD website for information.  

BMFPD Mitigation Crew – Manager, Steve Lynn

A small crew will be working through the winter.  Chipping by the crew is subsidized and is a bargain for homeowners at $65 per hour. 

Treasury – Treasurer, Dave Davies

As of end of January we show a net positive cash position of $19,716.  The budget for 2007 shows total receipts of $52,450 and total expenditures of $51,100 with a net surplus of $1,350.  A motion to approve the budget was approved.  The collection of 2007 dues is progressing well at this point. 

Timber Lane Fuel Break – Project Manager, Tim Triggs

HOA funds of $20,000 are being matched by the state to allow us to do $40,000 in mitigation work this year. The next highest priority along Timber Lane is moving very quickly.  We are already at about the 50% point, in terms of projected project work for 2007. 

Beetle Busters – Representative, Suzanne Adams

Both chair or co-chairs, as well as working volunteers, are needed at this time.  

Pine Brook Press – Editor, Suzanne Adams

The Pine Brook Press is always looking for articles from our residents.

Old Business:

Minutes from the October 25 meeting were submitted and a motion for approval passed. 

Status of bronze dam plaque - HOA has contributed to install a bronze dam plaque for the de Haas family.  The plaque is now ready to be installed at the center of the walkway at the top of the dam.  A ceremony sometime in April or May will be scheduled for the installation. 

Refurbishing of PBH street direction signs – Two volunteers have been identified thus far. 

Revegetation of the Dam – Planting is expected to take place in November or December of this year. It is not clear as to how this project will be financed. 

Recreational Use of the Reservoir area – Bob de Haas listed items that should not be allowed, based on input from the Water Board and it’s insurers.  They are: swimming, dogs swimming, wading, skating, ice fishing.

All other activities would need to be carefully studied by the HOA and the Water Board prior to approval.  Major issues that would need to be addressed are: safety, supervision, dollar costs, access, noise, etc.   

New Business: 


The business meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. 

Program:  “To Plant or not to Plant” 

Noxious weeds that inhabit PBH and how to control them - Tim D'Amato, Weed Coordinator, Boulder County Parks and Open Space.  

Native Plants that do well in PBH - Jason Griffith (and Tom Sunderland), co owner of Native Edge Associates and Certified Master Gardener 

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Triggs, (substituting for Margit “Mia” Mestdagh, Secretary)