Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting

September 4, 2012

On September 4th, the Pine Brooks Hills Board of Directors met at the PBH Community
Center. The meeting was called to order by the President at 6:00 pm. Members in attendance included President Dave Davies, Member-at-Large Bill Alexander, Treasurer Jim Woodruff and Secretary Tom Mann. Also attending were Cindy Lindsay, Jo Wiedemann, Rich Fozzard and Pam Creswell.

Motion to Approve the Minutes of the Prior Board of Directors’ Meeting

A motion to approve the prior minutes was offered, seconded and passed unanimously.

Discussion Concerning Speeders on Pine Brook Hills Roads

According to Dave Davies, there have been a significant number of complaints by residents concerning individuals driving down Linden Avenue and other roads at high rates of speed. Rich Fozzard suggested a number of methods to slow traffic, including speed bumps and dips. It was suggested that we request Boulder County loan the HOA an electronic speed recorder to be placed alongside Linden which would advise residents of their speed. It would also provide data as to the number of speeders over a given time period. Tom Mann suggested that we request the county sheriff assign an officer to monitor traffic on Linden from time to time. Dave Davies will prepare an article on the subject for placement in the next issue of the Pine Brook Press.

Agenda for October 9th General Membership Meeting

There was general discussion concerning the agenda for the next general membership meeting on the 9th of October. Bill will moderate the portion of the meeting wherein candidates for election in November will be provided an opportunity to speak. The League of Women Voters will likewise be assigned a time to speak on the issues on the ballot. Cindy was asked to provide attendees with an update on the roads maintenance issue.

Bill will prepare an article on the meeting for insertion of the next issue of the Pine Brook Press. Residents from the neighboring subdivision, Boulder Heights, may be invited subject to the response by PBH residents. A mass mailing will be sent out prior to the meeting by Bill.

Motion to Recognize Kirk Hendricks

Following discussion, a motion was made seconded and unanimously passed to recognize resident Kirk Hendricks for his many years of service in various capacities to Pine Brook Hills.

Roads Report

Cindy Lindsay provided a report on the current status of the roads maintenance issue with Boulder County. Cindy will prepare a summary of the meeting with the County Commissioners for placement in the Yahoo websites.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Jim Woodruff distributed a handout detailing the financial status of the organization to date.

Actual revenues received to date are $29,614.40. Expenses show $13,774.59. for a net total through September $15,839.81. Total assets in two accounts are $72,712.12.

Personnel-Vice President’s Position

It was reported that Neil Patel has chosen not to accept the vice president’s position but will remain on the Architectural Review Committee for the remainder of his term. Recommendations for candidates for this position can be forwarded to Dave.

January Holiday Party

The holiday party will be at the home of Pam Creswell on December 1st, 7:00-11:00 pm. The HOA will provide beverages and attendees will be asked to bring hors d’ouvres to share. Directors were asked for suggestions for a keyboardist for caroling.

Alternative Chat Rooms

The directors discussed alternate chat rooms that have emerged and the possibility of confusion with the HOA’s.

Monument Sign

Following discussion, it was decided to table this issue for a later date.

At 7:35 pm, a motion to adjourn was tendered, seconded and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mann