Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting

May 13, 2013

On May 13th, the Pine Brooks Hills Board of Directors met at the home of the HOA president, Dave Davies. The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm. Members in attendance included the president, Member-at-Large Bill Alexander, Treasurer Jim Woodruff and Secretary Tom Mann. Also attending were Param Singh, Jo Wiedemann and Catherine VonHatten.

Motion to Approve the Minutes of the Prior Board of Directors’ Meeting

A motion to approve the prior minutes was offered, seconded and passed unanimously.

Summer Social

Dave Davies introduced the subject of the summer social for PBH residents. Social Committee Chair Pam Creswell, although absent, invited residents to her home for the social by way of an email to Dave. Following discussion, the directors concluded that while Pam’s offer to host was very generous, the number of children who would attend would preclude staging the event in any residence. The community center, with more than adequate parking, would be the preferred venue.

Directors present also agreed on a 1950’s theme, encouraging young people to attend and suggested that a date in mid-August might be the optimum time.

Replacement of HOA Secretary

Current Secretary Tom Mann submitted his resignation and Dave indicated that resident Meghan Miller had agreed to complete Tom’s term in office. A motion to accept Ms. Miller as Secretary was offered, seconded and passed unanimously.

Position of Vice President

Two PBH residents, Will Kohler and Allen Saville, have expressed interest in the vacant position of vice president. Discussion by those in attendance followed as to whom might be the best fit for the position. Dave will discuss the matter with both candidates.

Chair, Architectural Control Committee

This position is currently vacant and there was discussion by those present as to who might be interested in filling the chairpersonship. If there are no candidates, Dave has agreed to fill the role through the end of the year.

HOA Mailing List

Dave indicated that the Boulder Mountain Fire Prevention District has requested use of the HOA mailing list. The directors agreed to allow its use for emergency purposes only.

2014-2015 HOA Directory

Dave opened the discussion of the publishing of the directory by stating that Bob Olliver has been largely responsible for its publication in recent years. However Bob has asked that the HOA find a replacement moving forward. Much of the work associated with the directory involves obtaining correct information from residents. That has proven to be very labor-intensive in years past. Following considerable discussion by the board, Dave indicated that he would speak with a homeowner who may be interested in taking on this task.

Collection of Annual Dues

Jim reported that to date, only 153 households in the subdivision out of approximately 420 have submitted their voluntary annual dues. Discussion followed as to how to encourage remaining homeowners to participate. Besides mentioning this issue at the next general membership meeting, a postcard will likely be sent to each owner of record.

May 23rd General Membership Meeting

Members present discussed the agenda for the upcoming general membership meeting.

Fire Mitigation Plans

Fire mitigator Steve Lynn has acknowledged that he has $15,000 in the 2013 budget earmarked for fire mitigation and he has begun to identify areas where, with homeowners’ permission, he would like to begin the removal of trees. He also advised that the matching grant for this calendar year is $800 per acre, up from $400 last year. He also has $1,900 from last year he is carrying over to 2013.

Dave stated that he would prefer to have the weeds and natural landscaping located on the shoulders of Linden Avenue mitigated, as was the case last year. Directors concurred.

Discussion of other areas for mitigation followed.

Other New Business and Related Matters

Board members present discussed the current status of the repair of roads in this and other subdivisions by Boulder County.

At 9:15 pm, a motion to adjourn was tendered, seconded and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mann