March 11, 2008

 Board Meeting of the PBH Home Owners Association was called to order by Mark Menagh, President, at 7:05 pm on March 11, 2008 at the Community Center.

 Board members present: Mark Menagh, Bill Alexander, Dave Davies, Marla Saville, TimTriggs. Also present: Suzanne Adams. Mike Connelly was a guest for part of the meeting.

 Approval of 12/04/07 Board meeting minutes (Mrs. Marla Lynn Saville):

Approval of the 12/04/07 Board meeting were moved, seconded and approved.

 2008 HOA Dues Collection update (Dave Davies): HOA dues total thus far is $22,500 with 162 homeowners having yet to pay. The average donation received per household has been $103.00, with one donation as high as $750.00 having been received. Dave was commended by Mark for this year’s excellent letter appealing for donations. Treasurer report moved, seconded and approved.

 Beetle Busters (Suzanne Adams): A staggering 4 out of 5 properties’ trees recently inspected (in response to requests by the property owners) were positive for beetles. The good news is that increased snowfall last winter may be responsible for improving the health of trees which in turn enables trees to fight attacks by beetles. But the threat is so enormous that experts strenuously urge spraying, mitigation and some other methods (see bird houses below). Watch the Daily Camera for dates of talks by a retired entomologist, and consider learning how to become your own Beetle Buster.

 Fire Board Elections (Suzanne):  Will be held this year (May) as there are 4 members running for 2 positions.

 Architectural Review Committee update (Tim Triggs):  Easy approvals have recently come before the committee.

 Proper wording of Param’s motion from January 30,2008 HOA meeting (All):Discussion led to agreement that the motion is stated correctly on the minutes (tentative) of the January 30, 2008 HOA Members Meeting and to accept the wording as correct. Agreement moved, seconded and approved.

 Update on status of Valentine/Lehr property (Mark): In accordance with a motion passed at the HOA Members meeting of 10/07, the Board continues to follow through on it’s commitment (which involved obtaining legal counsel) to investigate this issue of PB covenant enforcement. The building project is in violation of PB covenants and permission to build has been (previously) denied by the ARC. Regardless, it appears that the property owners are proceeding with the construction of the building. Mark said that a meeting with the attorneys of both parties, the Valentine/Lehrs, and some HOA officers is scheduled for tomorrow. Our main reason for attending is to attempt to discover why they feel they have the right to build regardless of the covenants and ARC denial.

 Discussion followed that, as stated in the covenants, property owners within unit 6 (of which the Valentine/Lehr property is a part) may enforce the covenants (and approximately 20 unit 6 homeowners have signed a complaint so far). In order to pay the attorney, and thereby help unit 6 homeowners to enforce the covenants of PB, a motion was made to authorize our HOA representatives to expend funds over the budgeted $5,000, but not to exceed current total cash assets, provided we later have a fundraiser to replace these funds. The motion was seconded and approved.

Status of moving the reservoir dirt (All): $14,000 has been raised through donations so far. The goal is $75,000. The next PB Press will include an article by Al Gerrish regarding the dirt issue as well as the continuing discussions pertaining to possible recreational uses, which will also require funds.

 New Community Center Carpet (Dave): The Fire District has agreed to share the cost and the HOA will still be contributing $1,000. Planning continues for proceeding with the re-carpeting project.

 Maintenance of only one HOA Meeting Calendar (ALL): In an effort to avoid confusion and allow access to all PB residents, the dates of HOA meetings will be listed on the PB Website calendar only, and not on the PB Forum. Not all residents have registered with the Yahoo Forum Group, whereas almost everyone can easily access the PB Website. The secretary will ask Param if he will list the meetings for the rest of 2008 on the website, after which Mark will remove them from the Yahoo group.

 Finding a volunteer to be Wildfire Mitigation Project Manager (ALL): A volunteer is still needed to fill Tim’s position. It was suggested that maybe a Fire Board member could do it. Also, Suzanne agreed to write an article about it in the next PB Press which will feature a photo and highlight Tim’s accomplishments.

 Fire Mitigation status (Tim): We are 1/3 finished with this year’s projects for which we have grants. A lot of funded mitigation is going on outside of our district, which still benefits us. An example is a 68 acre fuel break project behind Anne U. White trail.

 Building and Storage of Bird Houses (Mark):  Pine Brookers received information recently about how installing bird houses on one’s property can help in the fight against beetles. PB resident Roger Svendsen has very generously agreed to build 50 birdhouses made from cedar fence posts (and maybe more later) which residents may purchase for @ $10. Board members promptly reserved about 15, leaving 35 available for purchase after construction. It was agreed that they could be kept at the Community Center where interested residents can pick them up after leaving payments in the HOA mailbox for which Dave will post a sign.

 Clean-up of Valentine/Lehr property (Mark): A resident has expressed to Mark concern that part of the PB covenants to be enforced is the clean up of the property. It was agreed not to pursue the issue at this time.

 New Business (ALL): Over the past few years, many PB residents asked to be notified of various issues and events, including meeting minutes, via email. This prompted the creation of “the President’s list”. In an effort to make this available to more residents, Mark will easily make a new list using the PB directory’s spread sheet. All emails are sent blind copy to prevent spam and ensure privacy of each recipient.

 Program topic for April 30, 2008 meeting (ALL): The postponed topic for the previous (January) meeting “Old time Pine Brook Stories” is selected.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was seconded and approved at 9:30 pm.

 Respectively submitted,

 Marla Saville (Secretary)