March 6, 2007

The quarterly meeting of the PBH Homeowners Association Board was called to order by Tim Triggs, president, at 7:05 pm on March 6, 2007, at the Community Center.            

 Board members present: Tim Triggs,  Mia Mestdagh, Suzanne Adams,and Dave Davies.   Mark Menagh and Pam Creswell were absent. John Nairn, Cecile Duray-Bito were guests.
Approval of 12/5/06 Board meeting minutes (Mia)

Minutes: The minutes of December 5, 2006 Board Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved.

 Job description updates (All) Presidents job description was recently sent out for final review. The same format will be for other board member job descriptions. The secretary, Mia Mestdagh, will compile all job descriptions. The completed job descriptions will be given to new PBH board members. They will also be added to the PBH website after being reviewed by all the Board members.  

Timber Lane fuel break and 2008-2009 grant (Tim) by end of March 2007 we will have spent about $21K - $22K for this phase of the $40K Timber Lane fuel break.  50% is being reimbursed. Remaining funds will be used to the Timber Lane fuel break to the Sunshine Canyon fuel break. We will be working in conjunction with Boulder Open Space. In the future, the bottom of Bow Mountain, close to Anne White Trail, will be another project under consideration since the Bow Mountain Road is one of the exit routes for PBH. Permission and potential funding from homeowners will be required.   

Tree spraying effort (Suzanne) 35 families responded to the last e-mail message. Suzanne is working on finding lower cost spraying providers. She is also looking into to see if PBH can offer free water for this service.  

Newcomers Report (Pam) Tim Triggs providing report. It's progressing well. Welcome packages have been delivered. 

Dam Brass Plaque Ceremony (May 5?) (Mark) Tim Triggs has to confirm the date with Mark M. and Bob de Haas.  

Uses of the reservoir (All) The HOA Board will look at sanctioning specific recreational activity if the recreational use of the reservoir meets the following criteria:

1. It is not a problem with the Water Board.

2. It does not pose safety concerns.

3. It does not require supervision.

4. Pine Brook residents demonstrate a strong desire and commitment for the particular activity. 

Debra Menagh might be the contact person for community members.  

Fishing from the dam might be one of the activities that could be allowed. If it's a private lake, no fishing license would be required. In this case, the Department of Wild Life would not stock the lake. Thus, the HOA would need to provide funding to have a local hatchery stock the lake (perhaps with  Rainbow Trout).   

Another possibility might be to use the lake as breading ground for Green Back Cutthrought Trout, a native endangered species. It would be for catch-and-release fishing only. This option might provide great publicity for PBH and would be funded by the DOW.  

Refurbishing street direction signs in PBH (Tim) Tim Triggs received one call about a confusing sign. Suzanne's husband, Bart, and Shawn Roberts would be willing to help refurbish signs. South Cedar Brook sign needs fixing. County signs on upper Timber Lane are confusing. Suzanne will contact Ted Plank at the County.   

Re-carpeting the meeting room (All) Dave Davies will follow up on quotes Pam C. received. The Water Department and Fire Department will have to share the costs.  

2007 dues collection update (Dave) (See attachment) about 60% of homeowners paid fees. We are already above the total collected amount of 2006. Dave Davies will talk to Joyce Colson to find out what is involved for the PBH HOA to receiving Non Profit, 501C 3 status.  

Ideas for April HOA program, (Geology of PBH topic?) (All) Proposal to have speaker before the business meeting. Pete Palmer might be a good choice for a geology presentation. Sarah Davidson, book author, might also be an interesting speaker. Dr. Clothing, Steve Burnstein, might be another option.  PBH birds and how to attract them, was the preferred option.  

The meeting was adjourned at  8:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Margit “Mia” Mestdagh, Secretary