DECEMBER 4, 2007


The quarterly meeting of the PBH Homeowners Association Board was called to order by Tim Triggs, president, at 7:05 pm on December 4, 2007, at the Community Center.             


Board members present: Tim Triggs, Mia Mestdagh, Mark Menagh, Pam Creswell

Board members-elect present: new secretary Marla Saville and new VP, Bill Alexander

Others present: Suzanne Adams, and Peter Lillydahl (briefly)


Approval of 9/4/07 Board meeting minutes (Mia)

Minutes: The minutes of the September 4th, 2007 Board Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved


2007 budget update & 2008 proposed budget (Dave, in absentia)

Final budget approval at membership meeting in January is required


2008 Budget changes to the proposed:

$1,000 carpet, from $500

$25,000 grant expenses, from $20,000

$5,000 legal, from $15,000

$500 for reserves, from $0


Job description, Finalization of all (Mia)

Job descriptions are finalized and will be posted on the PBH website.

Suggestion: Create a PBH HOA tool kit for Board members including bylaws, policies, board member job descriptions, printed-out meeting minutes.


2008 fuel break/grant (Tim)

Contract (to be developed with a not to exceed dollar amount) with Steve Lynn for the next fire mitigation project (Bristlecone to Sunshine Canyon) needs to be drafted. New fire mitigation projects have to be identified in accordance with the Anchor Point Study. Some maintenance work of prior mitigation project might also be required. We are looking for fuel break mitigation coordination volunteer(s).


Newcomers Report (Pam)

We're planning on sending out newcomer’s packages to new residence of PBH. In addition, we'll send out “questionnaire” cards to find out about newcomer's preferences about interests, preference of being contacted, volunteer opportunities, etc.


Beetle Busters  (Pam, Suzanne)

We found beetle in all sections of PBH. We'll post a map highlighting areas of infections. Additional pages will be added to the PBH's website. Mia M. will work with Suzanne A. and Param S. to set up new website pages & optimize them for search engines.

At this point, over 30+ people have participated in the Beetle Buster training.


Architectural Review Committee update (ARC) (Tim)

Ken Larkin has resigned as ARC chair as of year end. Mike Connolly will take on the chair's role. ARC is also   looking for a new members.


PBH’s current 1992 covenants posted in the PBH phone book have not been legally ratified. ARC is currently using the 1992 covenants in reviewing projects. Suggestion: Legally ratify 1992 covenants with modifications as required.


Valentine property (AKA Two Mile Creek Subdivision) is in Unit 6 of PBH. 15 households in Unit 6 are willing to be plaintiffs to the Valentine court case. We might have to use PBH reserves to pay for legal fees. Unit 6 residents should be asked to contribute to the legal fees. The Valentine case and budget for it should be discussed at the next PBH HOA meeting end of January.


Recreational uses of the reservoir, noting Res-Rec committee and water board actions (All)

 The Res-Rec has to coordinate with the Water Board about use and timing of implementation of any plan.  The Water Board needs to take the lead on this issue.  Thus, the HOA Board could take no action at this time.  Therefore, the issue was tabled.


Cleaning out HOA Closet (Tim & Mark)

Still in progress.


Re-carpeting the meeting room, cost sharing (Mark)

The fire district is willing to share the costs of the new carpet. We might want to choose a somewhat higher quality carpet.

Motion: Agree that the PBH HOA will pay 50% of the new carpet we suggest, up to $1000.


January 30, 2008 HOA meeting, selection of program topic (All)

Different e-mail lists within PBH, Overview of PBH HOA & newcomer package, volunteer opportunities within PBH, stories about PBH old times, increase in water fees


Idea of “Wine-Arounds” (Pam)

Suggestion: Organize party, dine-around/wine-around without PBH HOA funding it but on behalf of the PBH HOA.


HOA policy concerning use of the Community Room (All)

We need to clarify which groups are eligible to use the community room. We may also ask for a cleaning deposit. Tim will send a copy of the community room use contract to the PBH Board Members. We need to create a policy statement including cleaning deposit, liability statement, eligibility.


Answering any questions that the new Board members may have about their responsibilities (All)

No questions where asked at this point.


Additional new business, if any (All)



The meeting was adjourned at 10:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Margit “Mia” Mestdagh, Secretary