On Sunday, August 8, 2010 at approximately 5:25 pm, the general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was called to order by the president, Bill Alexander.  The business meeting was held concurrently with a potluck dinner.  Approximately 75 residents were in attendance.


The board members present, in addition to the president, were Dave Davies (vice president), Pam Creswell (treasurer),  member-at-large Suzanne Adams, and the secretary, Tom Mann. 


Minutes from the General Membership Meeting of April 28, 2010:

A motion to accept the minutes as presented was made, seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report:

Bill Alexander, on behalf of treasurer Pam Creswell, reviewed a written report with those present detailing the income and expenses of the Association to date.  Revenue totaled $25,603 (budget for 2010:  $33,150).  Expenses showed $12,074 (budget for the year:  $42,130.)  Net income through August 5, 2010 is $13,529.  The president explained several of the variances to the membership and accepted the financial report as presented.


New Neighbor Introductions:

Bill Alexander invited the new neighbors present to introduce themselves.  Four new and first time attendees to the Association did so.


Beetlebusters’ Report:

Chair of the Beetlebusters’ Committee Suzanne Adams provided a  brief report on the inspections conducted by her committee members to date.  She also invited Pine Brook residents to attend a training session on October 2nd.  She stated that the Association should be pleased with the degree of containment of beetles in the subdivision.


Roads Committee Report:

In the absence of the co-chairs of this committee, Bill Alexander discussed Boulder County’s plans for the repair of paved roads.  More specifically, Bill outlined three options that he sees for Pine Brook Hills residents for the repairs of roads in our subdivision.  They include;

·                     an assessment of $130. annually for 15 years for each PBH unit

·                     a lawsuit filed by our residents against the County to compel it to use its funds to complete necessary repairs to paved roads

·                     the formation of a political action group in an effort to influence the County politically


Bill noted that each of the three alternatives were fraught with positives and minuses and considerable thought would have to be give to this issue.

There followed a prolonged question, answer and comment period during which residents in attendance offered their views as to how the Association might proceed.


Covenants Advisory Committee Report:

Bill Alexander stated that units 4 and 6 are lacking the necessary signatures on the petition to modify the covenants as presented to the Association members.  The majority of owners in all other units have recorded a majority in favor of doing so.


A short question and answer period followed the remarks.


Fire Department Report:

Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District Chief John Benson provided a brief report, including an explanation that his crews contained and extinguished several small grass fires in early August.  He also advised caution of residents, contractors and others inasmuch as the grasses are currently tinder-dry.



A motion was offered, seconded and approved by those present to adjourn at approximately 6:05 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Tom Mann