March 6, 2012

On March 6th, the Pine Brook Hills Board of Directors met at the Pine Brook Hills Community Center. The meeting was called to order by the President at 6:30 pm. Members in attendance included President Dave Davies, Treasurer Terry O’Brien, Secretary Tom Mann and Member-at-Large Bill Alexander. Also in attendance was Param Singh, Chair of the Directory Committee.

Motion to Approve Board of Directors Minutes of September 14, 2011

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved by the directors present.

Fire Department Liaison Officer Appointment

Allen Saville has been appointed the Fire Department Liaison Officer for the Home Owners Association.

Update on PBH Directory

Param Singh provided an update on the status of the PBH directory. Param reported that the electronic response from subdivision residents was excellent. It was suggested that (a) Param finalize the list of residents who have submitted their email addresses, (b) Dave add the covenants, by laws and fire code to the directory, and (c) Dave ask Bob Oliver to check the map for homes not shown.

The board also agreed to place an announcement in the directory for a new social chair and new ad collector

April 24th General Membership Meeting

Dave discussed a preliminary agenda for the next meeting, including a presentation on weather in the Rocky Mountain West. The Pine Brook Press, scheduled for publication shortly, will include an article about the presentation as well as the presenter.

It was also recommended that ARC Chair Neil Patel submit a brief article to the newsletter dealing with contractor guidelines for the ARC.

Directors noted that with the influx of younger families, it would be well to consider future presentations with youngsters in mind. Two possibilities are a presentation by Bill Alexander on recent international travels and an ice cream social hosted by paid high schoolers from the subdivision.

Motion to Pay $186.24 To Davey Tree Company

A motion to pay this invoice for spraying and treatment of select trees on subdivision land close to the firehouse was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

 Tom Mann