APRIL 19, 2011


 The Tuesday, October 19th general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was held at the Community Center, Station One.  The meeting followed a potluck dinner during which Pine Brook author and resident  Nick Carr discussed themes from his bestselling new book “The Shallows:  What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains”.  Nick’s presentation was followed by a question and answer session.

 President Bill Alexander invited new residents to the community to introduce themselves and the first-timers were welcomed by those present.

 The business meeting started at approximately 8:00 pm.  HOA officers present included president Bill Alexander, vice president Dave Davies, treasurer Pam Creswell, secretary Tom Mann and member-at-large Suzanne Adams.  Also in attendance were water department manager Bob deHaas, fire chief John Benson and many Pine Brook Hills residents.


Water Department Report (Bob deHaas)

Water department manager Bob deHaas opened his remarks by requesting those wishing to contact him in the future do so by phone.  E-mail communication has proven to be less efficient since he is often out of the office.

  Bob reviewed the upgrades to the subdivision’s reservoir funded by the State of Colorado, explaining such improvements were necessary to mitigate the effects of the recent Four Mile Canyon Fire.

  Bob also related a telephone call from a colleague associated with the University of Colorado.  CU is involved in a comprehensive repaving project and will have a considerable amount of old asphalt that has been removed.  Pine Brook Hills has been invited to make use of the asphalt on its dirt firehouse/community center parking field for the cost of labor to apply only. The cost of asphalting the lot would be approximately $10,000, substantially less than the cost to pave it commercially.  Considerable discussion among those in attendance followed as to whether it was appropriate to pave this area and, if so, the method of funding.  Bill Alexander formed an ad hoc subcommittee charged with examining funding sources, including the water district, HOA and private donors.   Serving on the committee are Dave Davies and Janet Graaff.

 Dave asked for a straw vote from those present as to the number of homeowners that would be willing to contribute.  The majority voted in the affirmative.  A sheet was circulated among those present asking for financial commitments.  A resident pledged to match dollar-for-dollar total contributions of the HOA.  The subcommittee will seek additional donations from Pine Brook homeowners to fund what the majority of those present felt was an exceptional opportunity.


Fire Department Report (John Benson)

Fire Chief John Benson reported that this season portends to be exceptionally dry for the entire front range.  He suggested that all residents remain sensitive to the possibility of wildfires.  John also provided background on the cause of the Pine Needle fire that occurred several weeks ago.  Questions and answers followed.


Beetlebuster Committee Report (Suzanne Adams)

Suzanne began her report by emphasizing the need to hold the line against beetles this spring and summer.  All residents need to be both vigilant and educated about the blight.  She reminded those present that beetle seminars were scheduled and invited those interested to participate.  About sixty Pine Brookers have been trained in recognizing evidence of beetles and are serving as beetlebusters.

 In a response to a question about noncompliance, Suzanne acknowledged that although the community as a whole has been very cooperative, two families have been reluctant to remove beetle trees.  Efforts to convince them continue.


Pine Brook Hills Garage Sale Update (Art Markey)

Garage sale coordinator Art Markey provided an update on this annual fundraiser, including the dates of the auction (May 20-22) and times items could be delivered to the community center for sale.  He also stated that additional volunteers were needed.


Treasurer’s Report (Pam Creswell)

Pam provided attendees with a handout that reflected the income and expenditures to date.  As of the 18th of April, revenue collected totaled $17,505 compared with expenditures during the same time frame of $3,785.  Pam is continuing to collect voluntary dues from homeowners.


Architectural Review Committee Report (Dave Davies and Bill Alexander)

Bill and Dave provided a report as to the projects on which the ARC is currently working.  The ARC will move ahead on the Strahn property which has not been in compliance with ARC guidelines and a continuing eyesore for approximately four years. In light of the adoption of uniform covenants, this committee anticipates progress in this regard.   Communication will also continue with a homeowner on North Cedar Brook who has indicated a reluctance to mitigate beetle damage.


Mention was also made of a significant spurge problem in the subdivision.  Discussion occurred regarding this issue.


The business meeting ended at approximately 9:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

 Tom Mann