PBH Online Forum

The PBH online discussion forum is a great way to share information with residents. Need a recommendation for a snow blowing company or a plumber? Ask your neighbors. Saw a bear or mountain lion? Let your neighbors know. Fire Chief John Benson also posts to the forum, so it's a great place to get information about fire conditions and emergencies.

If you're already a member of our online neighborhood discussion forum, click here to go to the forum.

If you'd like to learn how to join, read on for step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click here to get to the group.
  2. You should see the screen below. Click the "Join Group" button:
  3. If you're not logged into Yahoo, you'll see the screen below. If you have an existing Yahoo account, you can log in with that account (and then jump to step 7 below). If not, click "Sign up" at the bottom:
  4. After you click "Sign up," click "I'd rather use my own email address" to use an existing email address for your new Yahoo account:
  5. Now you'll see the screen below. Enter your information and click "Continue":
  6. Yahoo will send you an email to verify that you're the owner of that email account. Once you verify, you'll see the screen below. Click "Let's get started".
  7. Now that you're logged into your Yahoo account, click "Join Group":
  8. Enter your name as you would like it displayed in the group, and note the email options. You can choose to receive group messages one-by-one in your email, a "daily digest" of messages, special notices only, or no email at all. There's not a large amount of traffic on the forum, so I recommend the "Individual Email" option to make sure you don't miss anything. You can always change it later:
  9. Click "Send Request" at the bottom, and once the group administrator approves your request, you'll be able to read and post messages!