Myrtle Spurge Removal

Did you know that Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV) will remove your spurge for free?

And did you know that if you don’t remove your spurge, you can actually be fined for having a Colorado List A noxious weed on your property? As if the danger to ourselves and visitors, and the threat of spurge spreading year after year, wasn't reason enough.

WRV has volunteers lined up, and they’re looking to plan three spurge removal days in Pine Brook: March 25th, April 11th and April 22nd. This is the 3rd and final year that WRV volunteers will be available to assist with Myrtle Spurge in Pine Brook!

If you have spurge and would like help, please fill out this one-page application and email it back to no later than March 31st. If you’re selected, WRV volunteers will remove your spurge for free!

If you’re interested in volunteering to help on any of the spurge removal days, you can sign up at WRV’s website.

Also, if you remove your own spurge, you can trade it in for free native plants on "purge your spurge" dates listed on this flyer.

You can find the presentation that Morgan Crowley of WRV delivered to our HOA on March 7 here.

Please note that very large or dense infestations are not ideal for mechanical removal by volunteers and will not be selected for projects. But if you are interested in hearing about financial assistance for hiring contractors to chemically treat large infestations please contact for more info about a pilot cost-share program.

Finally, for more general information about myrtle spurge, see this fact sheet.