Fire Safety Suggestions

  1. No Open Burning

    The leading cause of fires is careless acts by people! The Pine Brook Hills Fire Protection District has a permanent year-round ban on open burning, including campfires, trash fires, or any fire other than a completely enclosed barbecue having a lid or cover. As part of our community fire mitigation effort, slash burning is permitted ONLY with the approval and under the direction of Boulder Mountain Fire Authority’s Chief, and in compliance with all Boulder County regulations. For further information call the Chief at 440-0235.

  2. Cut Tall Grass on Your Property

    This reduces the probability of accidental ignition. In many cases, the presence of tall grass immediately around your house and driveway may make it too dangerous to place firefighters on your property to defend your house. Human safety always takes priority!

  3. Don’t Park in or Near Tall Grass

    The tall grass along the roadsides and driveways provides a ready ignition source--be careful where you park your car. A hot tailpipe or muffler in contact with extremely dry grass creates a fire very quickly.

  4. No Fireworks

    Incredible as it may seem, we are regularly made aware of people shooting off fireworks in Pine Brook Hills! Fireworks present an extremely hazardous situation and are strictly banned at all times.

  5. Dispose of Cigarette Butts Properly

    A cigarette butt tossed from a passing car into tinder dry grass can very quickly start a fire, and continues to be a common source of fires.

  6. Make Pine Brook Visitors Aware

    We all have many friends and relatives visiting from other parts of the country. These people are frequently unaware of the high fire danger and the precautions that should be taken. In addition, we often have construction contractors and movers in the district, again largely unaware of the necessary precautions. We need everyone's help in letting visitors know what is acceptable. If someone persists in dangerous behavior after being warned, call the fire department or the sheriff's office and we will make the point more forcefully.

  7. Defensible Space and Slash Reduction

    We have several excellent brochures at the fire station from the Colorado State Forest Service on creating defensible space around your home. The CSFS will also consult with homeowners on fire mitigation efforts and prepare a defensible space plan for a property or group of properties for a small fee.

  8. Chimney Caps and Cleaning

    All chimneys need chimney caps to prevent moisture, leaves and animals from coming in, and to protect the roof and surrounding forest from embers. An annual safety inspection is recommended and heavily used chimneys may need to be cleaned annually to ensure safe operation.

  9. Call 911 early!

    If you suspect a fire, call 911 immediately. It is much easier to cancel an unnecessary call than to catch up to a fire that has been allowed to burn uncontrolled. Sometimes minutes count!