Perseverance Garden

The HOA has several proactive and exciting initiatives planned to enhance PBH. We hope that these initial projects are just the beginning with similar projects to come in the picture in other parts of PBH.

The first project would replace the dated and deteriorating PBH entry sign on Linden Drive. Ideas under consideration include a more sculptural design that would reflect the spirit of the community with a subtle identification of PBH. Plans would include additional landscaping and use of materials sympathetic to the natural environment.

A memorial at South Cedar Brook and Linden Drive is under consideration, as well. This is the location where two young people, Wesley Quinlan and Wiyanna Nelson, lost their lives during last fall’s flood. The site was damaged and has experienced additional deterioration in the interim. It is the drop off point for many of our neighborhood children taking the school bus. Pull off space is limited, as is space for children to wait safely. The enhancements under consideration include the possibility of a small plaza with landscaping and a sculpture memorializing Wesley and Wiyanna. The project would rebuild and repair the flood damage, provide drop off and parking for bus pick up, and mark the location respectfully.

To make this happen Steve and Glennis Smith whose home is adjacent to the site have offered support in two ways. First, they are willing to allow PBH to use a small part of their property to create the memorial. And secondly, they are offering their nonprofit organization s a resource for residents wishing to make donations to the project.

Enhancement Projects will require community support and involvement. If you are willing to help in one of the following ways, contact Mike Von Hatten to contribute in one of the following ways:

  • Donate funds…you can do this thru the Smith’s nonprofit or you can contribute directly to the HOA.
  • Donate materials, tools, or professional services…do you have access to landscaping tools, earthmoving equipment, rock, landscaping plants? In kind donations can help keep the cost of the projects down.
  • Donate your time and labor…think of this as a PBH “barn raising” and donate your time to work with your neighbors. We know this is a special place to live…let’s make it more special.

Email Mike Von Hatten with questions, feedback, or to volunteer.