Volunteer! Help Your Neighbors Spruce Up the Community Center Grounds

Looking for a way to enhance the BMFPD community, meet people, and get some exercise? Join the team of volunteers…your neighbors and colleagues…that will be working to improve the outside areas at Station 1/Community Center in Pine Brook Hills.

Volunteers will come together for 4 or 8 hours on Sunday, September 25, and Saturday, October 1 (back up date—October 8) from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to complete the following projects:

  • Build a gravel drive on the east edge of the property
  • Paint the jersey barriers in the parking area and landscape
  • Clean up and edge the berms to the east of the parking area and truck area
  • Build a low retaining wall near the truck aprons
  • Build a dumpster pad and enclosure
  • Clean up and landscape the edge of the paving near the deck stairs
  • Clean and stabilize the stairs from paving to water plant
  • Stabilize the area around the culvert inlet
  • Improve the drainage from the Water Plant drive to reduce erosion

Want more information? See project details further down on this page or contact Mike Von Hatten at mvhconsultant@earthlink.net or 303-997-8319.

Volunteer! Click here to let the team know what days and times you are available and what projects you’d like to work on.

Funding for these projects is provided by the PBH HOA. The BMFPD Auxiliary is providing snacks, beverages, and lunch for volunteers.

Can’t be there? Donations welcomed! Talk to Mike.

PBH Community Center & Station 1


1.       Gravel Drive – Emergency or Approved Access (on easement east of parking lot (Jackaway property)) – see separate work plan

2.       Jersey Barriers

a.       Power wash 18 units-180’ x 33”

b.      Prime and paint concrete barriers

c.       Excavate holes for planting, fill with topsoil and plant vines

d.      Landscape at top of barriers (optional)

3.       Berm at East Edge of Parking

a.       Weed whack and remove debris

b.      Top trees encroaching on power lines

c.       Remove dead and low limbs

d.      Excavate drainage trench between asphalt and berm

e.      Provide erosion control at culvert inlet

f.        Shape and contour berm - 2:1 slope max.

g.       Install 3’ wide landscape fabric at trench and up berm

h.      Fill trench and cover remainder of fabric on berm with 1 ½” river rock

i.         Cover remainder of berm with wood chips

j.        Landscape berm (optional)

4.       Berm at East Edge of BMFPD

a.       Weed whack and remove debris

b.      Remove dead and low limbs

c.       Excavate drainage trench between asphalt and berm

d.      Shape and contour berm - 2:1 slope max.

e.      Install 3’ wide landscape fabric at trench and up berm

f.        Fill trench and cover remainder of fabric on berm with 1 ½” river rock

g.       Landscape berm (optional)

5.       Low Retaining Wall at BMFPD Truck Aprons

a.       Fill trench with gravel and compact

b.      Install concrete wall units and caps

c.       Backfill wall with gravel

d.      Blend grade between concrete apron and gravel drive

6.       Dumpster Pad and Enclosure

a.       Excavate hillside south of paving at BMFPD to create a pad for dumpster-10’w x 6’d

b.      Place and compact gravel for pad

c.       Install wd. timber retaining wall - 8’w x 4’d x 2’h (stepping down to 6’’ at front edge)

d.      Backfill wall

e.      Place dumpster

7.       Edge of Paving East of Deck Stairs

a.       Excavate for wd. timbers

b.      Install wd. timbers at edge of paving and stake in place

c.       Shape and contour berm

d.      Place landscape fabric

e.      Cover with 1 ½” river rock


8.       Steps from Paving up to Water Plant

a.       Weed whack and remove debris

b.      Set wd. timbers to form steps

c.       Backfill steps with gravel

d.      Place landscape fabric

e.      Cover with 1 ½” river rock


9.       Stabilize Area around Culver Inlet

a.       Excavate area around inlet

b.      Place sm. boulders to stabilize area

c.       Backfill with gravel

10.   Improve Drainage from Water Plant Drive to Reduce Erosion

a.       Excavate trench from end of existing drainage pipe to asphalt paving

b.      Line trench with landscape fabric

c.       Fill trench with gravel (available on site)


1.       Excavation for dumpster enclosure – Project 6

2.       Bulk grading at berms – Projects 3 and 4

3.       Bulk excavation at Project 9

4.       Excess cut material spread on berm east of parking lot


PROJ.    MATERIALS                                                                      MANPOWER                         EQUIPMENT/TOOLS

1. Gravel Drive (see attached)                                                    8@4hrs (32)

2. Jersey Barriers

2a           water                                                                                  2@3hrs   (6)                          gas powered washer


2b           conc. primer (3 gal.)                                                        2@4hrs (8)                          airless sprayer                                   paint (2 gal.)                                                                                                                  roller and brush

                                                                                                                                                                drop cloths

2c            topsoil                                                                                  4@4hrs (16)                        hand shovel

                50+ Va. Creepers                                                                                                             pick

2d           donated plants                                                                 -----                                        -----                                       

3. Berm at East Edge of Parking

3a                                                                                                           2@1hr (2)                            weed whacker

3b                                                                                                           Mit. Crew                           

3c                                                                                                            2@1hrs (2)                          chainsaw


3d                                                                                                           4@4hrs (16)                                                                       


3e           rock/sm. Boulders                                                           2@1hr (2)           


3f                                                                                                            4@2hrs (8)                          shovels/rakes

3g           landscape fabric-(500sf)                                                                2@2hrs (4)

                river rock –  5 tons                                                           2@2hrs (4)                          wheelbarrows

3h           wood chips (Mit. Crew)                                                 2@4hrs (8)                         


4. Berm at East Edge of BMFPD

4a                                                                                                           2@2hrs (4)                          weed whackers

4b                                                                                                           2@1hr (2)                            chainsaw

4c            landscape fabric-(300sf)                                                                3@4hrs (12)                        shovels/rakes

                river rock – 3 tons                                                                           


5.Low Retaining Wall at BMFPD Concrete Truck Apron

5a           gravel – 1 ton                                                                                                                     shovel/rake


5b           conc. units                                                                         3@4hrs (12)                      

                8/18/12 – 16                                                                                                                       hammer

                8/9/12      1                                                                                                                        circ. saw/mas. blade

                4/ 18/12 -  4                                                                                                                        tape/square/level

                4/18/12 caps - 12                                                                                                              sledge hammer

                                                                                                                                                                masonry chisel

                                                                                                                                                                hand comp./tamper

                                                                                                                                                                ext. cord


6. Dumpster Pad and Enclosure

                gravel – 2 tons                                                                   4@6hrs                                 tape/square                      

                wood ties – 7                                                                                                                     shovel/rake

                steel rebar #4@2’ (2                                                                                                       elec. drill and ½” bit

                spikes - @ 12”    (32)                                                                                                        elec. circ. saw/ext. cord

                                                                                                                                                                sledge hammer

                                                                                                                                                                hand comp./tamper


7. Edge of Paving East of Deck Stairs

                wd. timber – 4                                                                   2@4hrs                                 shovel/rake

                steel rebar - #4@2’ (8)                                                                                                   elec. drill and ½’’bit

                landscape fabric              

                river rock – 1 ton                                                                                                              elec. circ. saw/ext. cord

                                                                                                                                                                sledge hammer


8. Walk up to Water Plant

                wd. timbers                        use existing                        4@8hrs                                 weed whacker

                steel rebar-#4@2’ (12)                                                                                                  shovel/rake/pick

                landscape fabric              

                gravel – ½ ton                                                                                                                    elec. circ. saw/ext. cord

                river rock – 1 ton                                                                                                              tape/square

                stone/boulders                                                                                                                sledge hammer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

9.Stabilize Area around Culvert Inlet

        stone/boulders                                                                2@2hrs (4)                          shovel/rake

gravel .5 ton                      


10.Improve Drainage from Water Plant Drive to Reduce Erosion

            landscape fabric                                             3@4hrs                        shovel/rake

            gravel (existing)


Site Clean-Up

water                                                                                    6@.5hr                                 leaf blowers




Additional expenses:

                Excavation service                          

Gravel delivery                                

                Rock delivery                                    

                Wd. timber delivery                       

                Conc. wall units                                

                Food and drinks                (2days)                                                               



1.       Funding

2.       Manpower/volunteers…project managers and crew with appropriate skills and physical ability

3.       Tools and equipment

4.       Safety gear – eye protection required – gloves recommended

5.       Coordinate work event with BMFPD...stage/relocate equipment as/if required

6.       Order, deliver and stage materials and equipment:

a.       Stage wd. chips for project 3 east of berm (Jackaway prop.) in several piles…confirm with Jackaway. Stage wd. chips for project 4 on south east corner of BMFPD

b.      Stage gravel on gravel drive south of new concrete apron at BMFPD

c.       Stage river rock on plywood sheets adjacent to projects

d.      Stage Va. creepers along top of concrete barriers

e.      Stage concrete wall units on south edge of new concrete apron at BMFPD

f.        Stage wood timbers adjacent to new dumpster location

7.       Arrange utility location service at dumpster site prior to excavation

8.       Arrange excavation service…work to be completed prior to work event

9.       Move dumpster to south edge of site near proposed location (do not damage new asphalt)

10.    Power wash concrete barriers to allow drying prior to priming

11.    Weed whack prior to event to prevent injury to bystanders

12.   Parking during event on Bueller property…confirm with Bueller. Additional parking in open space off of entry drive at northern end of site.

13.   Provisions ordered and staged by BMFPD Auxiliary

14.   Set up First Aid…just in case

15.   Other work:

a.       Trim low limbs on Jackaway property at south end of emergency drive - (Mit. Crew)

b.      Clear clogged culvert at Project 9 – (BMFPD)


1.       Money

2.       Rock/small boulders

3.       Planting materials

4.       Equipment and tools


Pioneer Sand and Gravel (wholesale prices):

gravel – ¾” road base

1 ½” foothills river rock

concrete wall units

landscape fabric

wood timbers


Sherwin Williams (discount prices):

                Concrete primer (Loxon)

                Paint (Resilience)


Gravel Drive on Easement East of Parking Lot


38 tons of mountain granite


Plate Compactor-20” wide-1 day


-Donations from residents

-Contribution from HOA


Volunteers: 8 @4hrs

Hand Tools:

Shovels (4+)

Rakes (4+)

Wheel barrows (2+)

  1. Finalize easement agreement
  2. Arrange delivery of gravel starting at 8 am. Second delivery at 9 am. Third at 10 am.
  3. Stake 16’ x 180’ drive (done day prior to work)
  4. Pick up plate compactor early AM
  5. Starting at south end-trucks dump gravel in progressive piles from south to north
  6. Spread gravel in 3” layer- single slope from west to east
  7. Rake gravel in uniform depth and slope
  8. Compact with plate compactor
  9. Repeat (4-7) as trucks with gravel arrive-9 am-10 am
  10. Infill low spots as required-level high spots as required
  11. Any excess gravel to be added to south end of drive at low area
  12. Final passes with compactor
  13. Clear/clean site
  14. Return compactor

-granular fines would help with compaction

-test compaction with heavy vehicle…evaluate…modify as/if needed