Emergencies happen. What are YOU going to do about it?

In the last five years BMFPD firefighters and medical responders have responded to an average of 170 emergency incidents each year. Some are small – and some have affected the entire district – but even the small ones can have life or death implications. There have been house fires, floods, motor vehicle accidents, a bunch of wildland fire starts and many, many serious medical emergencies.

Be Prepared!

There are things that you can do – now, before an emergency happens – that can significantly improve the outcome of any emergency situation.

To get started, read the Emergency Preparedness Guide. Then review the other materials linked from this page. They provide wonderful and useful information, tips, checklists, etc. to help you get prepared.

Doing the work necessary to put things in place today, in advance of an emergency, will enable your family members and your home to better survive an emergency. Get started today!