Pine Brook Hills Construction Guidelines

Construction Noise

Pine Brook Hills is a quiet, residential, mountain community with a topography that allows sound to travel for significant distances. All property owners within PBH preparing to begin a construction project should advise their contractors that the following time limitations, which are more restrictive than those of Boulder County, be followed throughout the duration of the project:

Exterior use of construction power equipment, vehicles and tools by contractors should be limited to the following times and days:

  • 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (except legal holidays)
  • 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday (except legal holidays)

Exterior use of construction power equipment, vehicles and tools by contractors on Sundays and legal holidays is not allowed.

If circumstances arise that significantly jeopardize the completion of the construction project on time and are beyond the control of the project contractor(s), an exception of short duration to these PBH time limitations can be made provided the project’s property owner is first notified. In such an event Boulder County’s noise ordinances and time limitations will continue to apply.

In all cases, loud noise from radios, stereos and other electronic devices is prohibited.

Additional Guidelines

  • For the construction of one detached single-family dwelling, all work should be completed within two years from the commencement of construction.
  • Wherever possible, temporary structures, heavy machinery, portable toilets, workers vehicles, and any other facilities/equipment on-site should be situated out of sight of neighboring properties. It is especially important that all equipment and construction vehicles be parked off of public roads to enable emergency access by fire, police, and ambulance apparatus.
  • There should be no detriments to other lots and residents such as dangerous, unhealthy, hazardous, or unsightly conditions. This includes excessive noise, general construction debris, and trash.
  • PBH experiences occasional high winds. Building materials and especially trash and debris should be properly secured to prevent blowing debris. The use of a covered dumpster(s) is encouraged. If materials and/or debris are dispersed by wind, the owner and/or contractor will be responsible for the immediate cleanup of the site and any adjacent property affected.
  • Because wildlife is abundant in PBH, there is a particular concern that food and trash not be left unattended so as to make sure not to attract bears, vermin or other wildlife.
  • Due to the dry and forested environment of PBH, wildfires are a real concern for our community. Reduce the risks of starting a wildfire by paying special attention to combustible hazards, and alerting those doing work or visiting your property to do the same. Some special concerns are that cigarettes and other ignition sources be disposed of properly, and never thrown out of car windows or into dry brush. Also, please ask those working with welding or other highly combustible materials to attend to the sources at all times.
    1. Smoking will be restricted to enclosed structures and inside vehicles. Butts must be extinguished and disposed of in a safe manner inside the structure or vehicle.
    2. Parking of vehicles will be restricted to noncombustible surfaces or on surfaces that have been mowed to a height of 3-4 inches maximum to prevent combustion due to heat sources on the underside of vehicles.
  • Consult our local fire professionals at Boulder Mountain Fire for fire mitigation advice for your property at any time:

Construction that does not comply with the PBH Covenants and Construction Requirements or construction started without ARC review and approval will be subject to ”work stoppage”. The Owner will be required to submit for ARC review and approval before proceeding.

The contractor and project designers will be allowed one (1) small sign each placed on the project site, not in the right of way. Multiple signs or signs located off the site are strictly prohibited.

The building permit issued by Boulder County must be prominently displayed on the site.

Contact the Architectural Review Committee if you have any questions, concerns or requests to accommodate particular needs. Your cooperation is anticipated and greatly appreciated!

The Pine Brook Hills Architectural Review Committee (