Step 1

Read our 2010 PBH Unified Covenants, especially Articles Three and Four. Carefully evaluate your project for its compliance with the terms and intent of our Covenants. If you believe it complies then move forward to Step 2.

If you have any questions regarding compliance then send an email to or call the ARC Chairman. Contact info is on the ARC homepage. Do this well before you plan to begin your project.

Keep in mind that almost all residential construction projects will require a building permit and possibly site plan review which it will be your responsibility to acquire from Boulder County Land Use. In some instances, BoCo may require that your project has been pre-approved by our HOA.

Step 2

Complete the accompanying Application for ARC Review regardless of whether you think it may qualify for a Fast Track, online review or a Committee, in-person review.

Fast Track Review

Exterior painting, staining, re-siding, re-roofing, fencing, non-structural decking: Projects like these can qualify for an on-line Fast Track review. During this review the ARC will pay particular attention to materials that could produce objectionable, reflective glare to your neighbors and passers-by; to colors that are not neutral or earth-tone in character or in harmony with other structures in PBH; to fencing that significantly disrupts the natural terrain and aesthetic appeal of your neighborhood; and to any structural feature that represents an unsafe, attractive nuisance to the residents and wildlife in Pine Brook Hills.

A few Fast Track Reviewed Project Description examples:

  • “Re-siding with fiber cement. Combination of lap siding; board and batten; wood trim. Trim and batten color: Cabot, Semi-Solid Sequoia stain. Fiber Cement: Sherwin Williams Duckback Sequoia stain. Elevation schematics submitted via email attachment to”
  • “Re-roofing with Owens Corning Duration Storm asphalt shingles, Brownwood. Contractor’s specifications submitted via email attachment to”
  • “Fencing, 5’ high, approximately 150 lineal feet, 6’ spaced metal posts, horizontal, 1x6 rough cedar planks spaced 6” apart. Plank color: Cabot Semi-Solid Teak stain. Plan schematic submitted via email attachment to”

Committee Review

Construction of a new house, an addition, an exterior remodel, a new deck, a full deck replacement: Projects like these require an in-person, committee review usually consisting of at least one or two meetings. During this review the ARC will pay particular attention to the features listed above for a Fast Track Review and, additionally, to the project’s location on your property relative to your adjacent neighbor, the natural terrain and character of your particular neighborhood.

A Committee Reviewed Project Description example:

“Approximately 375 sq ft bedroom/bath addition. Digital documentation package including site plan, floor plan, elevation schematics, materials and color descriptions herewith attached or to be provided at a regular ARC review meeting, date TBD.”

Step 3

Fill out the Application for ARC Review, and then submit a digital attachment of all applicable and necessary documentation described above to If your project qualifies for a Fast Track review and you provide the required documentation with your application, you will receive prompt notice of the ARC’s decision. If your project requires a Committee review, you will be contacted by the ARC Chairman after receipt of your application to arrange for your first ARC meeting in person.