ARC Guidelines Regarding Accessory Structures in Pine Brook Hills

August 2016

  1. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has determined that the following accessory structures in Pine Brook Hills do not need prior ARC approval, provided that they are aesthetically and harmoniously integrated with the primary residence, are conscientiously located on the property and do not exceed the number of accessory structures per lot size allowed by Boulder County:
    Any accessory structure that does not require a Boulder County building permit* except for temporary or permanent fences, which must be reviewed regardless of height.
    * (see Boulder County publication: When Do I Need a Building Permit?)
  2. Other than those structures described in Section 1 above and those listed in Article 3.1 (c) of our Pine Brook Hills Covenants (Covenants), our Covenants do not allow the addition of any accessory structure to a given parcel without a prior review and waiver by ARC.
  3. ARC is authorized by the Covenants to review and, in its discretion, grant a good faith application for a waiver of the Covenants when circumstances or good reasons dictate. ARC is willing to consider a waiver for the following types of accessory structures provided, again, that they are harmoniously integrated with the primary residence and are conscientiously located on the property:
    • Greenhouses that do not exceed 200 s.f.
    • Studios that do not exceed 200 s.f. with utilities that cannot support the conversion of the studio to a personal dwelling unit.
    • One car garages or ports that do not exceed 300 s.f. and are equipped only with electricity and, in the case of a garage, heating.
  4. In reviewing any application to the ARC for a waiver of the Covenants’ prohibition of accessory structures, the ARC will be strongly guided by Articles 3.1 (d) and (e) and Article 3.2 (a) of our Covenants. As a condition to the granting of any waiver, ARC may impose additional or altered covenants on a parcel as it deems proper and appropriate in the circumstances.
  5. ARC is also willing to consider applications for a waiver for accessory structures not meeting the criteria set forth in Section 3 above, but the standard for granting a waiver will be considerably higher. In particular, any proposed accessory structure that could be readily converted to an illegal, functional use or a personal dwelling unit other than that allowed by Article 3.1 (c) in Units 1 – 3 WILL NOT BE APPROVED.