Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is a team of PBH volunteers tasked with protecting and enriching the quality of the physical environment in the community based on the PBH Covenants and Community Standards. The ARC has established an open and collaborative review process that involves the owners, neighbors and expert volunteers. The ARC reviews the site and building exteriors to ensure that they comply with the Covenants and Community Standards in terms of aesthetics and quality. This includes any change to a house or property including but not limited to new construction, additions, remodels, exterior color changes, decks, fences, hot tubs, storage sheds…basically anything visible to the public and surrounding neighbors.

ARC Design Review

The ARC normally meets the second Tuesday of every month to conduct formal reviews and such other business as may need to be addressed.

To initiate the review process, an applicant should complete the online application available through the “Application for ARC Review” shown in the menu to the right. The ARC conducts two types of reviews: a Fast Track review which is completed primarily online and a Committee review which is completed primarily in person at one or two of its regular monthly meetings. Both types of reviews require the completion of the online application described above.

Many small projects may qualify for a Fast Track review. Contact ARC early in the process to discuss your project. If the project is minor in scope, in compliance with the PBH Covenants and in keeping with the standards of PBH, the project will, in most instances, qualify for a Fast Track review.

Projects that will, in particular, qualify for a Fast Track online review include painting, fencing, re-roofing, re-siding and non-structural decking.

Larger projects will require a Committee review and approval. In order for a project to be Committee reviewed the applicant should contact the ARC Chairman at least two to four weeks prior to any regular ARC meeting that the applicant is prepared to attend .

Projects that will, in particular, require a Committee review include but are not limited to the construction of a new house, an addition, an exterior remodel, a new deck and a full deck replacement.

Depending on the scope of the project, a final Committee review may be completed in one regular ARC meeting. In many instances, however, complex projects like a new house will normally require two meetings, a preliminary and a final. In either case, a “Public Notice” sign will need to be posted by the ARC on the subject property at least two weeks prior to the ARC’s final review meeting.

In order for a final Committee review to be completed an invitation will have needed to be extended to interested neighbors via a “Public Notice” sign to attend the scheduled ARC meeting; the applicant will have needed to provide to the ARC two hard copy and one digital copy of the project’s schematics i.e. site plan, elevations, materials and colors; and, if a general contractor is to be used, he/she will have needed to attend and assist the applicant during the meeting. Additionally, for more complex projects, a member of the Committee may have also needed to complete a site review of the subject property.

Upon approval of the project the ARC will return one stamped and signed set of documents for the applicant and retain one stamped and signed set for the ARC files. The ARC will provide one ARC Construction Sign that must be displayed during the construction.

ARC Design Review: Fees

Your HOA has elected to waive the application fees referenced in Article 4(b) of our Pine Brook Hills Covenants.

Fees, however, may be assessed for the following situations:

  • An ARC Committee review conducted after the start of construction without prior ARC review and approval
  • An ARC Committee review required due to owner’s non-compliance with the conditions set forth in the initial Committee review and approval.

In these situations, fees that may be assessed are as follows:

  • Addition of less than 500 square feet, including exterior renovation and/or modifications: $100 fee
  • Addition of more than 500 square feet: $150 fee
  • New home construction: $200 fee

ARC Members

  • Eric Erickson, Chairperson
  • Jim Eyster
  • Tim Triggs
  • Rob Gordon
  • Tom Anglewicz
  • Rob Quinn, PBH HOA Vice President/ARC representative

Additional Information

The ARC meets at the Community Center on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

The ARC duties and responsibilities are defined in the PBH Covenants and PBH-HOA By Laws.

If you have any questions, comments or want to discuss your property/project, please contact the ARC:

Eric Erickson, ARC Chairman